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Publication Date: November 5, 2018
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Diabetes Management Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices Market

Valued at approximately $6.6bn in 2017, the Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices market is being driven by the new and innovative continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMs) segment, which is expanding at double-digits. CGMs monitor blood glucose 24/7, replace painful and cumbersome fingersticks and provide instant alerts and trends/patterns that can help detect and prevent potentially dangerous hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.

Growth will be offset by the declining conventional blood glucose meters (BGMs) segment, which has been negatively impacted by dramatic cuts in reimbursement for once-lucrative disposable test strips, and market saturation of lower-cost meters.

Overall, the combined market will remain positive over the forecast period due to the substantial, increasing diabetes population (estimated at more than 425 million worldwide) and the pressing need to cut spiraling diabetes healthcare costs and control diabetes-related complications. Fast-paced technological innovations, such as new noninvasive “patch-based” glucose monitoring systems and wireless smart-devices and apps are allowing greater availability, affordability, convenience and diabetes management. 

This report provides the following useful information:

  • prevalence of diabetes
  • blood glucose monitoring device portfolios offered by leading manufacturers
  • new and emerging, proprietary technologies
  • key technological and market trends
  • analysis of BGMs and CGMs segments
  • in-depth market and competitive analyses (including 5-year market forecast and 2017 market share by segment region) 

Markets covered by this analysis include the US, Japan, the five major EU markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK), and the Rest of World (RoW) markets, which includes all other countries.


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